Acceptance of Spouses Outside the Faith, Taboos and Traditions

Unfortunately a problem has developed within our church, one that is extremely short sighted. Most Adventist families hold the view that you must marry within your faith. The sad side of this paradigm is the fact that this is held up as the most important factor when choosing a spouse in many cases (or close to the most important factor). In reality, marrying someone within your faith does not guarantee a happy or successful life or marriage. Scripture is often twisted and used as a justification of this paradigm when in reality the Bible says little on this topic. Clearly it is an added benefit to marry within your group of faith, but is it a necessary requirement for a happy and successful marriage? I tend to think not. I believe the issue should be a consideration, but NOT the focal point of choosing a spouse. Far more factors that truly matter exist in this realm. I think we as christians need to look at the heart and not the outward display. Keeping matters of character first, and worrying about idealogical differences second.


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