Relationship Preservation and the importance of perspective

Relationships all have inevitable highs and lows and there can be no doubt that we will all experience less than favorable feelings in a relationship at some point. However when these hard moments come upon us, I believe that we each still have a choice. A moment where we can decide how we are going to proceed, if we are going to stay strong or let life push us. This is where I believe the relational maintenance strategy of positivity  comes into play. We all face times where it easy to let ourselves self pity and become negative and have a depressed view of life. Consequentially effecting the way we treat our significant others and those close to us in a negative and destructive manner. 

If couples take the time to view things in a proactive manner, meaning they keep strong to their principles instead of their feelings, the relationship will continue to grow and prosper for years to come. The key is to remain principle centered instead and keep a positive perspective. Remember the things about your significant other that brought you together in the first place. 


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