Interracial Marriage

Interracial marriage in america has increased greatly in the last few decades. Interestingly enough the topic of interracial marriage also comes up in the bible in a few instances. The first being the Moses as he married Zipporah who was said to be of a darker complexion than Moses (refer to book of Exodus). And initially she faced some opposition from Moses family. 

Interracial marriage has primarily been relegated in previous generations to those who were on the margins and were willing to test the social norms. Older generations had racist stereotypes and close minds to allowing their families to be open to people of a different race unfortunately. Over the years many of these social barriers have been broken down fortunately. And now interracial marriage is more common than ever. As younger generations break down social barriers and foolish traditions that previously stopped such practices. In 1958 only 4% of the population approved of Black-white marriage as opposed to 96% today according to a Gallup poll. Clearly the shift in attitude and accepted social norms between those times and now represents significant change!


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