Addiction and Stress in the Family

The correlation between stress and addiction in the family is undeniable. Countless studies have shown how an increase in stress increases the risk of addictions in all ages. Unfortunately addictions have an incredibly devastating toll on the family. Drugs, alcohol, sex addictions, gambling and other problems wreck families on a consistent basis. The hormones secreted that are caused by stress are initially to deal with a stimuli that is to much for our body to handle on its own. So our bodies try to compensate for that, unfortunately our bodies cannot sustain themselves for prolonged periods of time like this. So mentally we seek to recharge ourselves and to make ourselves feel better. However the addiction only strings along the user, making them believe each “fix” will be the last they need. 

Sadly, these addictions take a devastating toll on family, especially children. As they are often the ones most dramatically effected by the lack of their parents responsibility. Neglect and abuse often go hand in hand with addiction, which is all to often caused by stressors that are not dealt with responsibly.


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