Communication patterns within family

Studying the communication patterns and rules within family made me think about my own family a great deal and how they relate to each other. Particularly in relation to how rules and metarules are used and enforced. My family has very specific rules some that are spoken and some unspoken. The interesting thing is that much of what the book discussed I saw in play within my own home. Their is an extremely strong element of secrecy and quiet within my immediate and extended family and individuals do not discuss many subjects openly. I believe this is an unfortunate rule within our home as I believe it restrains a great deal of closeness and intimacy. I feel that much relational closeness and openness is sacrificed by the rule and metarules that surround the tradition of secrecy within my family. This is a great personal disappointment to myself and other family members who wish to change this tradition. Unfortunately it is steeply rooted within multiple generations, a point that was also brought out by the book extensively. Family traditions span many generations. Both good and bad traditions!


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