Family communication in the Bible

I believe that family and the importance of good communication shows itself evident strongly in the story of Samson. Samson was a very blessed man with all kinds of strengths and talents granted to him divinely. Unfortunately the communication and closeness between Samson and his parents broke down.

By biblical in the book of Judges Samson grew up in a functional family in Israel, but as he grew older it appears he no longer viewed their advice and wisdom as worthwhile. This was unfortunately the beginning of Samson’s demise as he soon fell in love with a Phillistine woman named Delilah. Samson utterly refused to listen to his  parents and insisted that he must have this woman. Little did he know that Delilah would betray him later on and rob him of all his God given power. Samson would eventually spend the rest of his days in a Phillistine jail being used like an animal to grind wheat. Until eventually he would die collapsing a Phillistine temple.  A tragic end to what could have been a much happier story had he listened to the advice of his parents!

Had the communication between Samson and his parents remained open, perhaps this tragic end to a great life could have been avoided. Families today can gain valuable insight from Samson’s interaction with his parents. The importance of open communication between parent and child cannot be underestimated! So many heartaches and troubles could be averted in family life if successful communication was practiced. Keep the communication lines open and avert many problems and increase family relational happiness!


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